Tasneem Ansariyah-Grace, '96, Syracuse resident and Syracuse Newspapers' Journalism scholar, is majoring in Newspaper Journalism with a minor in African American History and Spanish. Tasneem is a member of SAS and BSU. Her text was constructed for Marnie Rabinowitz's WRT 105.

Steve Bunin, '96, is a Broadcast Journalism major and sportscaster for UUTV, WAER and WJPZ. A native of Seattle, Washington, Steve is a member of Delta Tau Delta fraternity. His piece was written while he was a student in Dawnelle Jager's Studio I.

Michelle Gibbons, '93, is from New Rochelle, New York. Majoring in Photography and Art, Michelle is a tour guide for campus visitors and has been published in the Syracuse Review. She is on the staff of the Review. Her text was constructed for Vic Taylor's WRT 305.

Carmen Lopez, '96, from Manila in the Philippines, is matriculated in Arts and Sciences with a possible major in Communications and/or commercial art. She is a member of ASEA and PISO. Her piece was a WRT 105 effort for Dawnelle Jager's class.

Katharine Norwood, '96, is from Kailua-Kona, Hawaii; she wrote her submission for Eileen Moeller's WRT 105.

Matthew Schroeder, '96, is a Communications major with a minor in Business/Marketing. Matt, from Silver Spring, Maryland, plans on working in the field of television production upon graduation. His text is a response to a Studio I assignment given by Marjorie Ledden.

Carrie Tobey, '96, is from Bourne, Massachusetts. She is majoring in Communications and is on air for WJPZ campus radio. Her WRT 109 text was written for Anne Wiegard.

Elizabeth Ullery, '96, is an Advertising Design major from Wales, Massachusetts. Her text is a response to a Studio I assignment given by Steve Feikes.

Todd Wachtel, '94, is a Speech Communications major who plans to go to law school. From Marlboro, New Jersey, Todd is a member of the Syracuse University Debate Team and Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity. His text was written for Helga Lindberg's Studio III.

Jason Wurtsbaugh, '96, is a Nonviolent Conflict and Change major from Kinnelon, New Jersey. His Intertext submission was written for Jeanette Jeneault's WRT 105.