Kurt Colville, '93, is a Physics major from Leewood, Kansas. His other interests include composing for guitar and piano and traveling abroad. This summer he plans to visit Switzerland. He was a student in Diane Penrod's 305, Spring 1993.

Jennifer Gebelein, '95 is a transfer student from Randolph Macon Woman's College and is currently majoring in Biology. A resident of Annapolis, Maryland, she is a member of the Equestrian Team and a published poet. She wrote her essay for Mauri Casano's WRT 205.

Marcell Graeff, '95, is an honors student majoring in architecture. He is from Shelton, Connecticut, and has a side interest in film making. His 209 text was written for Anne Weigard.

Geoffrey Harrison Goodwin, '94, is an ETS major and member of Delta Kappa Epsilon from Fly Creek, New York. His wide ranging interests include following the band, nine inch nails, stand-up comedy, magic, chess, juggling, reading, and writing. He hopes to "complete a novel, attend law school, and remain hip." Anne Fitzsimmon's 305 class inspired this essay.

Mark Kriegel, 95, comes from Matawan, New Jersey and is an undecided honors student. He is also a Chancellor's Scholar, a film enthusiast and a Yankee's Fan. He was a student in Donna Marsh's WRT 209.

Kristina Noe, '93, loves many outdoor pursuits including camping, backpacking and horseback riding. A member of Amnesty International, she is an ETS major at Syracuse from Woodstock, Connecticut. She also was a member of one of Anne Fitzsimmon's 305 classes.

Monique Pitts, '95, majors in Biology and belongs to the SAS. She plans to transfer to the University of Maryland next year and is a Baltimore resident. Her main interests are reading, writing, and socializing. She wrote her essay for Eileen Moeller's 205 class.

Christopher Saunders, '95, is a long time resident of the Adirondacks or Newcomb, New York to be precise. An honors student, he currently has a dual major: Magazine(Newhouse) and International Relations. He is a member of the Hendricks Chapel Choir and enjoys hunting, fishing, natural history, current events and classical music. He was a student in Anne Weigard's 209 class when he wrote his essay.

Dorothy Smith currently is a University College Student. A long time employee of the New York Telephone Company, she is a mother of five and grandmother of five and resides in Baldwinsville. She was in Chris Madden's 105, Fall 1992 and is currently in her 205 class, and plans on taking 305 this fall. She hopes other Writing Program classes will be offered at UC in the future as she will definitely be interested in enrolling.

Kelly Starling, '93, Has a dual major in African American Studies and ETS. A member of Who's Who, and the Golden Key Honor Society she will be the Class Marshall for Arts and Sciences in the "93 graduation ceremony. She is also a member of Delta Sigma Pheta, the Black Artists League and co-editor of Black Voice magazine. She was a student in Helga Lindberg's Summer 1992 305 class.