The second issue of Intertext, subtitled Acts in the World, is a compilation of worlds and acts within those worlds. The perimeters of these author's worlds vary. Whether their words are defined by formal reflection on personal experience or by a response to an ancient problem, within the works of these writers a leit motif prevails -- The writer exerts power by acting in his or her world.

If an act can be described as a state of reality as opposed to a possibility, then we can see how each act materializes beyond thought, and renders the writer an active participant in the world. The pieces in this edition of Intertext describe a range of acts from the physical to the spiritual, from an examination of a primordial instinct to a call for political action that would lift the burden of racism and classism.

The way each writer defines "world" determines how each writer acts within it. The world to the writer could be small or large; the world could be man against nature, or a private, personal world with no one in it but themselves. It may be a rebellious world or a religious world, an artistic world or a musical world, a black and white world or a mysterious world. Or perhaps the world of the Writing studio. Intertext: Acts in the World will give you a chance to not only explore the ideas of each writer, but also more importantly, to explore your own ideas of the world, and your roles and action in it.