Kate Casey, '97, is a Broadcast Journalism major from North Wales, Pennsylvania. She works at WAER and at FM 88. She is also a Dean's Scholar and has received a Maxwell School of Citizenship Scholarship. Casey's essay was originally written for Bonnie Orzolek's 105 class.

Kara Curtis, '95, from Rushville, New York, is a member of the SU chapter of Big Brothers and Big Sisters and is on the SU Traditions Commission. She is also an active participant in the SU Honors Program. Currently, she is in Spain as a DIPA student. She wrote her piece for Donna Marsh's 205 class Spring 1993.

Laura Faer, '97, is a Broadcast Journalist and Political Science major from Piedmont, California and is currently a UUTV reporter. She is on the Syracuse Swim Team and is also interested in writing and photography. She wrote her essay for Bonnie Orzolek's 109 class.

Winsome Graham, '97, a Syracuse native waiting to escape, is a Newspaper and Journalism major in Newhouse. In 1993 Graham received the Syracuse Newspapers Minority Journalism Scholarship. A Newhouse Newspaper/Journalism student , she is also an avid reader and traveler. Graham initially wrote her essay as a response to an assignment in Monique Dufour's 105 class.

Roger Miranda, '97, is undecided as to a major (but is considering architecture) and is from Newark, New Jersey. He is a graduate of The Hill School. He wrote his play for Ilene Kalish's 105 class.

Rebecca Sernett , an English major, from Cazenovia attends Susquehanna University. Her text was written for Jane Oberg's DIPA WRT 305. She is a published short story writer and works on her university's literary magazine Focus.

Shonte Stephenson, '97, an undeclared political science major from Hamden, Connecticut, is currently a newscaster for WJTV Z89. She is a black history enthusiast and political aspirations. Her piece was originally constructed as a 105 assignment for Monique Dufour.

Dave Talaga, is a University College student living in Cicero. He has worked for the past nine years as an Electrical Engineer for Martin Marietta, previously General Electric. He has a technology degree from ITT Technical Institute, is married and has three children, two boys and one girl. He wrote his piece originally as an informal writing in Vic Taylor's 305 class.

Debra Weinstein, '97, is a Film Production major from Silver Springs, Maryland. Her interests include both swimming and photography, and she is currently a UUTV reporter. Her piece was written in response to a 109 assignment for Bonnie Orzolek's class.

May Yu, '97, is a Marketing major from Canton, China. She has been published previously in art magazines and enjoys art, writing poetry and playing volleyball in her free time. She constructed her essay in response to an assignment for Matt Drummy's 105 class.