This issue demonstrates the portability of the writing studio, and addresses issues central to movement between communities of writers. The journeys of these writers is not as simple as a journey from one discipline to another. As they have learned, there are elements that remain constant, beyond style. The nature of ideas and the formulation of successful messages which translate for wider or narrower audiences are shared concerns for these writers. Mary Santiago demonstrates the link between her home and academic literacies aided by her reading of Richard Rodriquez and Keith Gilyard. Michael Winnick, Jessica Rush, and Dave Franecki explore the constants and the tensions in their movement as writers and thinkers in their various disciplines. Deborah Silver, Deniz Yalcin and Virginia Pitcher each in the process of actual journeys come to terms with shifting values and understandings of the worlds they are forced to interact and communicate within. Faramarz Samie and DavidNuckley translate science into consumable pieces that draw in a wider potential audience. All of these students used writing studios as a place to reflect on the nature of communication through writing, and evidence of their resulting abilities clearly shows here.

The Writing Program

announces the third annual

Louise Wetherbee Phelps Writing Awards

to recognize excellence in the Writing Studios

Submissions must

There will be two awards - one for lower division and one for upper division--of $50 each.