Volume III, Issue 1, spring 1995

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A student publication of the Syracuse University Writing Program

Amye Hommel
Jonathan B. Shablak
Deborah R. Silver
Stephania R. Stevenson
Debra Yelen

Copy Editor
Allison Rao

Faculty Coordinator
Jeanette Jeneault

Technical Support
George Rhinehart
Henry Jankiewicz

Special Thanks
Susan Cronin
Nance Hahn
Helga Lindberg
Karen Notcher
Louise Phelps

This magazine features the work of writing studio students, and represents both the quality and the variety of writing produced in The Writing Program's undergraduate studios. It is the mission of this publication to further the primary goal of the program, to produce critically engaged writers within the academic writing community.

The title refers to the interconnectedness and interdependence of all texts. Intertext, therefore, emphasizes the view that essays speak of and to one another, especially within a community context. The Writing Program is a vital, productive community in the process of many conversations, and each issue will contain glimpses into some of these.

Intertext is published semi-annually. All published authors will additionally be considered for the Louise Wetherbee Phelps Writing Awards, to be announced each spring. All submissions of work originally produced for a writing studio will be given serious consideration for publication. Submissions must include the writer's telephone number and address. If a return is desired, the submission must be accompanied by a SASE with appropriate postage. Submissions may be turned in to Room #7 HBC. Copyright reverts to the author.

Letters to the Editor will also be accepted, taking into consideration space available and balance of representative content. All letters must include the name, address and telephone number of the writer in order to be considered for inclusion.