Gone So Far, I'm Back Already
Volume IX, Spring 2001

Table of Contents:

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World Defined By Boundaries by Paul Arras

Filmmaking and Storytelling by Oronike Odeleye

The Pothole of My Youth by Kimberley McCoy

Ah, God Love Her by Erica Levi

Six Pages of Filler Paper by Rebecca Ann Blanchard

Matching Taillights by Rebecca Ann Blanchard

My Life as a Boshbag by Carolyn Dealey Campbell
Louise Wetherbee Phelps Award -- Lower Division

The Napster Revolution by Derrick Hart

Joe American's European Adventure by Claire Weingarden

Who You Tutorin' Today? by Liz Hacken

Memories of Contentment by Michelle Morse

Carlife by Benjamin Henry
Louise Wetherbee Phelps Award -- Upper Division