Gone So Far, I'm Back Already

Volume IX: Spring 2001
The Student Publication of the Writing Program

The Editors:

Gillian Dunn
Michelle Morse
Educational Resources

Alaina Potrikus
Katie Lucarelle

James Reardon
Jessica Cumberbatch
Web Publishing

Michael Kaveney

The Faculty:

Jeanette Jeneault
Intertext Coordinator

George Rhinehart

Louise Wetherbee Phelps Awards Judges 2000-2001

Margaret Himley, Sandra Hurd, Gil Harootunian, Katie Lucarelle, and Jeanette Jeneault

This magazine features the work of Writing Program students and represents both the quality and variety of writing produced in its undergraduate studios. It is the mission of this publication to further the primary goal of the program, to produce critically engaged writers within the academic community.

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