The Contributors:

Cathbin Ayoob, 1999, from Concord, New Hampshire, majors in Speech Communications. She has been published previously in Handguns 1998 and 1999; Gunweek; Women and Guns; and Police Marksman. She hold's a dean's scholarship and is also a member of the Burnet Park Zoo, and AWARE. Her interests include photography, Aikido, writing, and teaching. She wrote her essay for Vivian Rice's WRT 331.

Katie Ciccarello, 1999, is a dual major in ETS and Photojournalism. Currently her family is living in Rome, Italy. She has been published in The Daily Orange, and in Robert Fulghum's book True Love. She has had the dean's scholarship for four years, and was awarded an Army ROTC Scholarship for a year and a half. She has also worked for the Syracuse Newspapers as a photojournalist. She wrote her essay for Marjorie Ledden's 305 class in London.

Lia D'Amico, 1999, from Springfield, New Hampshire, is a contributing writer for Seventeen and The Daily Orange. She is also an Arts and Entertainment reporter, and summer theatre critic for The Argus-Champion. She has published a short fiction piece in The Cauldron (Kent School literary magazine). Her interests include piano, film, and theatre. She wrote her reviews for Marjorie Ledden's 305 class in London.

Juan Fontanive, 1999, is an English and Textual Studies major from Cleveland Heights, Ohio. He has been published in Mensjero Madrid, a Syracuse University newsletter about the Spain study abroad program. He is on the Dean's List, a member SUOC, Team F.A.T.S., and drew a comic for The Daily Orange for two years. His interests include filmmaking, multimedia production, and writing short stories. He also enjoys drawing caricatures, rock-climbing, and skateboarding. He wrote his piece for Donna Marsh's WRT 305 class.

A. Haupt, 2002, from Syracuse, majors in International Relations and Newspaper in Newhouse School of Communications. She has previously published several poems in Nightstalkers: Land of Eternal Night and in The Underground (Christian Brother's Academy literary magazine). She holds a Chancellor's Scholarship, is on the Dean's List, and received the Wells College Leadership for the 21st Century Award. She is Vice President of the Syracuse University Commuter Organization, and a volunteer at Francis House (home for the terminally ill). Her interests include writing and travelling. She wrote her piece for Jeanette Jeneault's WRT 195 for honors students.

John Mooney, 1999, is an ETS major, from Queens, New York. He holds a Chancellor's Scholarship, is a member of the Rugby and Football Clubs, and enjoys snowboarding and painting. He wrote his travel stories for Marjorie Ledden's 305 class in London.

Blaine North, 2001, is an Information Management & Technology major from New York City. She was published previously in Just A Writer's Thang, an anthology compiled by The National Book Foundation. She is a member of Inroads and the Black Artists League. Her interests include writing, and sleeping when life allows it. She wrote her essay for Dena Mandel's 105 class.

Jessica Lux, 2002, from Coventry, Rhode Island, majors in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science. She is a Chancellor's Scholar, a member of SU Marching Band, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Society of Women Engineers, and American Computer Science League. Her awards include the John Phillips Sousa Award, 1998; and the United States Army Reserve Certificate in Science Research, 1997. Her interests include marathon swimming (New England Marathon Swimming Association), trumpet, and triathlon training. She wrote her ethnography for Henry Jankiewicz's 209 studio class.

Omar R. Rodriguez, 2000, from Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, majors in Civil Engineering and minor in architecture. He is on the College of Engineering Dean's List and is a member of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, as well as the American Society of Civil Engineers. His hobbies include reading, printmaking, swimming, and cooking. He wrote his essay for Cynthia Haythe's 205 class.

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