Volume VII: Spring 1999
The Student Publication of the Writing Program

-O you temples fairer than lilies, pour'd over by the rising sun!
O you fables, spurning the known, eluding the hold of the known,
Mounting to heaven!
You lofty and dazzling towers, pinnacled, red as roses, burnish'd
With gold!
Towers of fables immortal, fashion'd from mortal dreams!
You too are welcome, and fully, the same as the rest;
You too with joy I sing.

-Walt Whitman from "Passage to India"

The Editors:

Stephanie Yaggy
Educational Resources

William Sutton
John Matthews

Ana Hristic
Katie Lucarelle
Web Publishing

The Faculty:

Jeanette Jeneault
Intertext Coordinator

Louise Wetherbee Phelps Awards Judges 1998-99

Arielle Greenburg
Dana Harrington
Jeanette Jeneault
Marjorie Ledden
Frederick Phelps
Stephanie Yaggy

This issue of Intertext is dedicated to
Helga Lindberg (1935-1998).

Helga's support was instrumental to the early survival of this publication. She willingly offered her advocacy, advice, and many volunteer hours doing whatever needed doing, for little more than a thank you. Her selfless dedication to the empowerment of student writers will be sincerely missed.

"Endurance is the crowning quality,
And patience all the passion of great hearts."
-James Russell Lowell

This magazine features the work of Writing Program students and represents both the quality and variety of writing produced in its undergraduate studios. It is the mission of this publication to further the primary goal of the program, to produce critically engaged writers within the academic community.

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