The Editors:

Cathrine Cattarello is a transfer student and senior English & Textual Studies major from Denver, Colorado. She was a three time recipient of a Colorado Scholars Grant for Writing and is a current recipient of a Syracuse University Achiever Scholarship. A single parent, she is highly committed to women's and children's political issues, and is planning to continue at S.U. College of law pursuing the dual degree Juris Doctor/Masters of Public Administration.

Ashlea Halpern is a freshman Magazine Jounalism major from Marietta, Georgia. Once editor of her high school yearbook, she currently serves as the Assistant Editor of the Syracuse Onondogan yearbook. She works part-time and enjoys independent and foreign films, theatre, reading, and concerts.

Marla Mangla is a freshman English & Textual Studies and Information Systems Technolgy major originally from Rochester, New York. She has written for the Daily Orange and formerly edited her high school literary magazine.

Michael Kaveney is a junior English & Textual Studies and History major from Wilbraham, Massachusetts. He currently works at Syracuse Online ( as an editorial intern as well as at The Business Journal as a journalistic intern. As a member of the New York Public Interest Research Group he participates in many community enhancement programs. In his spare time he enjoys reading fiction and following SU sports.

Amber Kruth is a junior English & Textual Studies major, concentrating in Creative Writing, from Tully, New York. Her writings are published in anthologies of The National Library of Poetry. Currently she is a publication intern at Meals on Wheels. For relaxation she enjoys travelling, writing and athletics.

Eric Naylor is a senior English & Textual Studies and Psychology major from Syracuse, New York. He holds a full-time restaurant management position and enjoys music, reading, and the outdoors in his spare time.

Micah Smith is a senior Printmaking major from Popham Beach, Maine. In 1997 he was an editorial intern for Wizard: Guide to Comics. In his spare time he enjoys watching sports at Faegan's.

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