Spring 2003 Volume XI

Table of Contents

Louise Wetherbee Phelps Awards


Comments on Intertext
by Margaret Himley, Director of Undergraduate Studies


Thoughts on Editing
by Chrissie Ramsey, Intertext Editor



Linguistic Identity
by Mlungisi C. Mabele


A Journey of Faith: The Evolution of Religious Belief in the Music of U2
by Caitlin Fischer


Family Photo
by Hui Lee


Smoke Clouds of Societal Clashing 
by Renee Gross

My Own Prison: Lawrinson Hall
Megan Steveson


Writing Process: Sentiments of the Vietnam War
by Megan Guidone


Humanitarian Intervention: A Community, Its Debate and My Critique
by April Putney


Nigger: Language, History, and Modern Day Discoure
by Kevin Cato


The Debate Over Public and Private Service
by Sarah Young




Teacher Resources: By Course and Instructor


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