Chrissie Ramsey, Intertext Editor

Thoughts on Editing


The Syracuse University course registrar (S.C.O.R.E.) advertises this course with the following description: WRT 340, Advanced Editing Studio, with professor Vivian Rice, meets from 1 AM to 1 PM.


"Request failed, permission of instructor required" is the error message received when you attempt to register. You investigate. What you find is that there is an application, an interview, a writing submission, and a written explanation detailing why you are interested in the course and what you have to offer as a potential editor. Though not overwhelming, it's enough to give you the idea that this is not your typical "read a book, write a paper" course.


It was not until after I had completed the application that I understood our task as editors: to assemble a print publication and an online magazine, both composed of student essays produced in Writing Studios. This was not so much a class as it was a group project; it was not an exclusive editing studio, but rather a workshop in publicity, evaluation, judgment, layout, and web design. As well as the development of editing skills, the Intertext project involved elements such as computer skills and team work.


Speaking from experience, the Advanced Editing Studio offers much more than an exercise in editing. It is a project that should appeal to those with broad interests and a creative outlook.