Spring 2004 Volume XII


Gillian Dunn is a Senior ETS major, and this will be her fourth and final year with Intertext. Her parting words of advice: “Choose your battles.” Her aspirations: To better her world through writing, one critic at a time.

Meieli Sawer

If Meieli Sawer were a film, she would be a travel documentary. When she is not daydreaming, she is studying fashion here at SU, or working at Franklin Magnet School for the Arts. Two of her favorite things are freedom and the color red.

Betsy Sherwood is a senior Political Science and Speech Communications major from Vestal, New York. She is passionate about politics, travel, dance and of course Saved by the Bell. Upon graduation Betsy looks forward to spending most of next year volunteering in Ghana. She feels her experiences as an Intertext editor have given her a new perspective on the following quote by Arthur Evans … “Nothing, not love, not greed, not passion or hatred, is stronger than a writer's need to change another writer's copy.” She would like to thanks the staff and writers for their creativity, ingenuity, and dedication.

Heather Cotanch is originally from Syracuse, NY- she is, what you could call, a "townie." When she was little she wanted to be a veterinarian, but realized this was not her true calling when she had to leave the room during frog dissection. Currently she is pursuing a degree in English Education where the scariest thing is the semicolon. She will graduate next December with hopes of going on to graduate school for educational counseling.

Matthew Thomas is a senior English & Textual Studies major and Linguistics Studies minor in the College of Arts & Sciences. Having been fascinated by the written word from a very early age, he has grown to appreciate all forms of written expression from the literary classics, to the almost indecipherable poetry stuff they teach you in high school, to the academic essays presented in this magazine. He is also interested in graphic design/layout, and is captivated by the world of live theatre (well, who are we kidding, it’s a full blown obsession). With graduation approaching at the end of this semester, Matt is currently accepting job offers. He’ll accept pretty much anything. Seriously. At this point, anything.

Sharon Clott is a freshman majoring in Communication and Rhetorical Studies. She is from Philadelphia, PA (ok…Havertown) where she learned to value tidiness and spunk in everything that she does. Her best friend is her older brother who taught her how to enjoy BMX biking, motorcycles, and skateboards, though she managed injuries in each attempt to ride them. Sharon also loves writing, listening to live music, and any movie with a good soundtrack.

Patrick Rummel hails from East Aurora, NY, the home of Fisher Price, Millard Fillmore, and Elbert Hubbard (bonus point to anyone who knows who the last two people are). In his free time he likes to listen to music, watch TV, wander aimlessly through the internet, play the viola (no jokes please), attempt Swing Dancing, or do absolutely nothing. He is currently a freshman IST major and plans to go to graduate school for Library Science.

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