Intertext is a publication showcasing the best undergraduate writing from the Syracuse University Writing Program. It exemplifies the power of writing and collaboration to inform and inspire.

The Louise Wetherbee Phelps Award recognizes excellence in writing in the Writing Program’s courses. Submissions are evaluated on depth, complexity, technical control, emotional and intellectual appeal, and how well they reflect the goals of the Writing Program.

The 2012 winners are Elliott DeLine for “Stages of Visibility” and Leanna Garfield for "Dreaming of Infrastructure: Architecture as Control and Parkour as Rebellion.”

George Edinger
Hayley Kang
Matt Kovac
Brooke Leone
Amy Li
Annie Licata
Amanda Rockwell
Margaret Spinosa
Flash Steinbeiser
Genevieve Anita Thomas
Olivia Tormenta
Victoria White

Patrick W. Berry

Elizabeth Bennett, Major: Acting. Minor: Creative Writing,“The Psalm in Your Palm,”
written for WRT 422. Also by Bennett, see "Family Portrait."
Video production by George Edinger and Amanda Rockwell.

Ian Chin, Major: ETS, "The Chop Suey Generation," written for WRT 400 "My parents are getting older (both about 61 years of age) and I know they will not live forever. This piece is about trying to get to know them better and what it means to be Chinese and American."

Derek Davey, "Exhaust,"Syracuse Veterans' Writing Group.
Also by Davey, see "Therapy Dog." Video production by George Edinger.

Matt Marina, Major: Art Video, "Impact," written for WRT 400.
"The creation of this piece was due largely to the fact I could not stop replaying the events
of my car accident in my head. By writing about and visualizing that day, I tried to recapture
some of the emotions and project them to the audience.

Peter McShane, "Why I Write," Syracuse Veterans' Writing Group .
Also by McShane, see "Minefield." Video production by George Edinger.