Intertext is a publication showcasing the best undergraduate writing from the Syracuse University Writing Program. It exemplifies the power of writing and collaboration to inform and inspire.

The Louise Wetherbee Phelps Award recognizes excellence in writing in the Writing Program’s courses. Submissions are evaluated on depth, complexity, technical control, emotional and intellectual appeal, and how well they reflect the goals of the Writing Program.

The 2013 winners are Annemarie Menna for "Ari Folman's Ethical, Psychic Warzone" and Red Thomas for "Smoke Break."

Taylor Baker
Jayme Brown
Sarah Cho
Roland Cody
Emily Gilson
Hayley Kang
Ceasia King
Danielle Kolodkin
Samantha Mangovski
David Swenton
Katie Tull
Nicky Zamoida
Brittany Zar

Patrick W. Berry



Courtney Hytower, Major: Political Science. Excerpt from "Pathway of Life,”
written for WRT xx. Also by Hytower, see "Salvation of Whiskey"


Andrew Miller, Unmatriculated Graduate Student, “An Ugly Place,” written for WRT 422
“I visited a place with no rules and saw what it can do to us. This is one story from that ugly place.”

Red Thomas, Major: Writing and Rhetoric, “Smoke Break,” written for WRT 422
“‘Smoke Break’ is a reflection on a talk late outside a small town bar about how to navigate life as a transgendered person.” WINNER: BEST UPPER-DIVISION WRITING 2013

Nijmeh Ali, Doctoral student and teacher in the Political Studies Department at
Al Quds University in Jerusalem, “The People Did Not Stop.”