Intertext is a publication showcasing the best undergraduate writing from the Syracuse University Writing Program. It exemplifies the power of writing and collaboration to inform and inspire.

The Louise Wetherbee Phelps Award recognizes excellence in writing in the Writing Program’s courses. Submissions are evaluated on depth, complexity, technical control, emotional and intellectual appeal, and how well they reflect the goals of the Writing Program.

The 2016 winners are Taskina Tareen for “The Plight of the Angry Tweet” and Benjamin Fox for “A Father’s Smile.”



Destiny Renee Anderson

Zach Barlow

Madison Firkey

Richelle Gewertz

Aidan Kelley

Chloe Martin

Joy Muchtar

Charlotte Oestrich

Dabota Wilcox


Patrick W. Berry







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Table of Contents

Madison Firkey, Charlotte Oestrich, and Antoinette Zeina


Section Intro: Raw Recall
Destiny Renee Anderson, Zach Barlow,
Aidan Kelley, and Joy Muchtar

Tea and Intuition
Wendy Reynolds
Written for WRT 255

Semper Fidelis: Always Faithful
Carol Pelz
Written for WRT 114

Traffic Tyrants
Siddarth Senthilkumaran
Written for WRT 109

A Simple Time
Angela M. Anastasi
Written for WRT 114

Section Intro: Society at Large
Chloe Martin, Joy Muchtar,
and Dabota Wilcox

Moving Off the Education Conveyor Belt
Morgan Conover 
Written for WRT 424


Separate But Unequal
Abigail Covington
Written for WRT 105

Sharing the Scourge of War
Peter McShane
Syracuse Veterans’ Writing Group

The Plight of the Angry Tweet
Taskina Tareen
Written for WRT 413

All I Know…
Mackenzie Stone
Written for WRT 114

Section Intro: Beyond the Rigid Confines Madison Firkey, Richelle Gewertz,
and Aidan Kelley

Rotimi Fani-Kayode (1955-1989)
Nashwah Ahmed
Written for WRT 109

A Father’s Smile
Benjamin Fox
Written for WRT 114

Wendy Reynolds
Written for WRT 255

Piled High: Controlled by the Clutter
Laurie Thompson
Written for WRT 114

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