Intertext is a publication of the
Department of Writing Studies,
Rhetoric, and Composition at Syracuse University. It features the work of undergraduate students and represents the quality and variety of writing produced in its courses.

The Louise Wetherbee Phelps Award recognizes excellence in writing in department courses. Submissions are evaluated on depth, complexity, technical control, emotional and intellectual appeal, and how well they reflect the goals of the department.

The 2019
winners are Amelia Lefevre and
Ryley Bonferraro.


Jennifer Bancamper

Wallace Burgess

Peter Conway

Juliet Dore

Antonia Green

Hanna Martin

Sean Murphy

Taylor Parks

Grace Richardson

Elle Ross

Annie Shi

Josh Sholes

Nicole Sklitsis

Brittney West


Patrick W. Berry


Intertext 2019

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Jennifer Bancamper, Taylor Parks,
Annie Shi, and Josh Sholes


Section Intro: Lost & Found
Juliet Dore, Peter Conway,
Elle Ross, and Annie Shi

Seven-Hour Love
Euzebiusz Wasowicz
Written for WRT 422

Ryley Bonferraro
Written for WRT 422

Cafés are for Writers
Thomas Samuel Benko
Written for WRT 105

South City to My Own Anything
Crisanta Wadhams
Written for WRT 114

Down with the Derg!
Rahel Demissie
Written for WRT 114

Section Intro: A Call
Antonia Green, Sean Murphy,
Nicole Sklitsis, and Brittney West

The Last of the Hibakusha
Ryan Dunn
Written for WRT 205

A Second Message to Frank O.
Strailman, Wherever You Are
Jennifer Jeffery
SU Veteran’s Writing Group




New Symbols for the
Environmental Movement
Amelia Lefevre
Written for WRT 255

Trump’s Department of Interior
Prioritizes Extractive Industries,
Systematically Disarming
Environmental Protections
Abby Boglioli and Andi Voigt
Written for WRT 105

Just Some Respect
Lia Figurelli
Written for WRT 114

Section Intro: The Conversations We
Don’t Have
Wallace Burgess, Hanna Martin, and Grace Richardson

The Duality of Blackness in America
Jazmine Richardson
Written for WRT 105

Sage Okolo
Written for WRT 114

Prayer to God
Written for WRT 105

0 to 128 mph
Ian Manzares
Written for WRT 114

The Conversations We Won’t Have
Written for WRT 114