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Brooke Accepts National Position for RSA

Associate Professor Collin Gifford Brooke has been chosen as the inaugural Director of Electronic Resources for the Rhetoric Society of America. Stating why he chose to take the position, Collin writes: "I think one of the things that pushed me into applying and accepting the position, though,was that I still believe that there are a lot of changes that could take place within our professional organizations, many of which are related to the work I do in rhetoric and technology. I'm more than happy to write about those changes on my blog, and do with some frequency, but there's also a degree to which I feel like I should be doing what I can to implement them." (To see a full discussion of his decision, go to http://www.cgbrooke.net/2012/09/22/walking-the-walk/).

This is the second time Collin has taken a leadership role in bringing his scholarship in rhetoric and technology to a national organization. He previously served as CCCC Online Archive Editor and, with Derek Mueller (Composition and Cultural Rhetoric Alum) designed a site which provided "an additional point of access to the content of the journal, multiple search protocols for exploring that content, and means of surveying and generating metadata for the journal. Their guiding principles were access and visibility, in the context of making CCC both increasingly and variously available to the scholars in the field (CCCC)".