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hittCCR Alumna Tamika Carey Elected To National Office

2010 CCR Alumna Tamika Carey has been elected to the Executive Committee of the Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC). While in our program, Tamika completed a dissertation entitled, “Vision, Voice, and Rhetorics of Healing: Towards a Black Feminist Rhetorical Analysis.” This research focus has continued with a recent article on how Geneva Smitherman’s early work used an “antagonist persuasive strategy . . . as a strand of African-American women’s rhetorical practice.”  She also has a forthcoming article in Enculturation and Signs: A Journal of Women in Culture that draws from her research on the “rhetorics of healing directed towards African American women in self-help literature and film.” Much of this work is directed toward her current book project.

In her candidate statement, Tamika states that her decision to run for the Executive Committee can be traced back to her experience of listening to her graduate school colleagues sharing their work at Visiting Days. In addition, she notes, “Attending C’s as a graduate student offered me a platform to share my work with other scholars in my area, to answer the specific types of questions that propelled my research, and to meet the influential thinkers that influence that work. Those experiences were invaluable to me and I consider it important that graduate students have them. Additionally, watching Gwendolyn Pough plan the 2010 Louisville conference gave me a partial view of the important policy work that the organization does. Since I am interested in matters of access, I have welcomed service opportunities with NCTE and CCCCs.”

Tamika’s election to the C’s Executive Committee continues a tradition of the CCR community, such as Eileen Schell, Gwen Pough, and Collin Brooke, serving in leadership roles in the organization.