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ccr_allThe CCR Research Network Forum
(Co-Sponsored by Future Professoriate Program)

“Honesty and openness is always the foundation of insightful dialogue.”

CCR held the first of its monthly colloquia a gathering that brings all parts of our community together to discuss issues important to the field and our department. For our first gathering of the year, the event was modeled after the Research Network Forum, an event where individuals share research that is in process with their colleagues. As evidenced by the topics below, CCR continues to support a diverse and wide range of research and pedagogical interests.


Group 1
Nicole Gonzales Howell, “Making a Mark: Dolores Huerta and the Farm Labor Movement,”

Avi Luce, “I’m Proud and Yup I’m Queer: LBGT Rhetorics, Queer Politics, and the Contraints of Queer Mobilization in Theory and Practice.”

Anna Hensley, “Thinning the Imperial Waistline: A Transnational Feminist Analysis of the Rhetoric of “War on Obesity.”

Lindsey Banister, “The Visual Rhetorics of Female Beauty, Sex, and Power.”

Lois Agnew, “Rhetoric/Feminist Rhetorics.”

Group 2
Ben Kuebrich, “Hybrid Transcripts and Community Publishing.”

Jess Pauszek, “Engaging Communities, Encouraging Language: Translingualism within the Community and the Classroom.”

Theresa Keicher, “Literacy Sponsorship in U.S. Mental Institutions and Prisons.”

Henry Jankiewicz, “Rhetorical Theory, Drug Use, Medicine, and Neuroscience.”

Steve Parks, “Democracy, Community Publishing, and Politics.”

Group 3
Seth Long, “Mapping Rhetorical Trajectories in Physical, Cyber, and Textual Networks.”

Rachael Shapiro, “Writing and Working Amidst Rhetorics and Realities of Digital Literacies.”

Jason Luther, “From Cylinder to Soundcloud: Remixing Audio Archives for Public Radio.”

Seth Davis, “Wrecking to Progress: Kid Cudi, Tweets, and Hip-Hop Capital.”

Patrick Berry, “Sustaining Narratives of Hope: The Maco Kempos High School.”

Group 4
Karrieann Soto, “Critical Media Literacy in Post Academic Writing.”

Becky Howard, “Struggling with Sources: The Citation Project of Composition Students.”

TJ Geiger, “Writing Majors in the Writing Center.”

Kate Navickas, “Race-Based Inquiries in the Writing Classroom.”

Tony Scott, “Valuation of Writing Within Political Economies.” 


Group 5
Missy Watson, “Confronting Assumptions of Homogenized Student Bodies: Transdirectional Approaches to Linguistic and Cultural Diversity.”

Iswari Pandey, “Global Rhetorics.”

Tamara Issak, “Why Global Ancient Rhetoric.”

Santosh Khadka, “New Media, Mulitliteracies, and the Globalized Classroom.”

Carolyn Otstrander, “"You know my methods, Watson": How does what we do become a coherent methodology?”

Kevin Browne, “Tropic Tendencies: Rhetoric and Popular Culture in the Anglophone Caribbean”