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RSA Chapter Formed

Graduate students from Composition and Cultural Rhetoric (CCR) and Communication and Rhetorical Studies (CRS) have formed a joint chapter of the Rhetorical Society of America (RSA) at SU.  RSA is the foremost (and fast growing) national organization for rhetorical scholarship that joins work on rhetoric being done in Rhetoric & Composition, Communication Studies,rsa logo and English. Associate Professor of Communication and Rhetorical Studies Brad Vivian and Assistant Professor of Writing and Rhetoric Krista Kennedy serve as faculty sponsors, and Kate Navickas is chapter president.  Navickas says that the chapter’s initial plans include developing a mission statement, applying for funding, and coordinating events such as guest-speaker colloquia.  Her goal is to “create opportunity for CCR and CRS to collaborate on related research interests, locate generative interdisciplinary rhetorical sites, and form interdepartmental connections.”

The chapter meets twice each semester for research colloquia, professional development sessions, and conversation. The inaugural workshop session included a roundtable session with RSA President-elect Kendall Phillips (CRS) and Writing Program Chair Eileen Schell who co-led the Rhetoric and Transnationalism workshop at the 2007 RSA Summer Institute, as well as the chapter's faculty sponsors. Workshop participants submitted approximately a dozen proposals to the biennial conference. Assistant Professor of Communication & Rhetorical Studies Erin Rand presented her work on ACT-UP and affect to an audience of 40 at the second session, which drew scholars from not only our two departments but also LGBT Studies, Women’s and Gender Studies, and other related programs.

Members of the SU RSA chapter have already planned two scholarly events for next semester: a workshop and a research talk, which will feature Associate Professor of Writing and Rhetoric Lois Agnew discussing her forthcoming book on Thomas De Quincey. 

"It's exciting to see that we finally have an RSA chapter at Syracuse University, and it's even better that we have a joint RSA chapter with Communication and Rhetorical Studies students and faculty," says Schell. "We look forward to cross-talk and productive collaboration between Writing/CCR and CRS. Long live rhetoric at SU!"