WP :: News :: Allison Hitt Named HASTAC Scholar for 2012-2013

hittAllison Hitt Named HASTAC Scholar for 2012-2013 

Composition and Cultural Rhetoric Doctoral Student Allison Hitt has been accepted into the Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Advanced Collaboratory (HASTAC) Scholars Program for 2012-2013.

The HASTAC Scholars Program brings together a community of graduate and undergraduate students from across disciplines at more than 75 universities. All of the scholars are working at the intersection of technology and the humanities, arts and sciences. HASTAC aims to, as they put it, “build a community of the next generation of scholars, makers, thinkers, and teachers.”

As a HASTAC scholar, Hitt will further develop her research into the intersections of composition and dis/ability, with a focus on how students of different abilities access sites of composition. In particular, she will explore “how we can make learning more accessible to diverse student populations with different levels of ability, knowledge, and literacy. I think examining multimodality as it intersects with universal design can be a really fruitful way to look at how we can scaffold knowledge and use digital practices to make more accessible learning environments.”

"Allison’s research on the intersections between composition and dis/ability and the place of multimodal pedagogies makes her an excellent recipient of this honor,” says Assistant Professor, Patrick W. Berry, who was a HASTAC scholar himself when he was a graduate student. “Since arriving at SU,” Berry adds, “I’ve watched Allison make connections across campus and at national conferences. Her deep engagement with issues of digital learning, writing center pedagogy, and universal design places her on the front lines of some important new work.”