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Dougherty Chosen for CWPA Award for Graduate Writing in WPA Studies

Tim Dougherty

Congratulations to Tim Dougherty, doctoral candidate in the Composition and Cultural Rhetoric Program, for being awarded the 2013 Council of Writing Program Administrators (CWPA) Award for Graduate Student Writing in WPA Studies. He shares this honor with Nancy Bou Ayash, a graduate student at the University of Louisville.

The CWPA Award is designed to recognize “outstanding graduate work based on its innovation, scholarship, relevance, appropriate implementation of research methods (when applicable), and clarity of writing.” Tim won the award for his piece, “Between a Rock and Hard Place: jWPA’s Navigate the Promise of Portland and Wyoming in 2011.”

Tim describes the article as an interview study designed “to understand the tensions navigated by jWPAs between the ideals of labor justice for writing teachers articulated in CCCCs ‘Statement of Principles and Standards for the Postsecondary Teaching of Writing’ and for WPAs outlined in CWPA’s ‘Portland Resolution.’ Conducted with 10 jWPAs from geographically and institutionally diverse locations in the field, the study finds a strong correlation between these jWPAs’ knowledge of both justice statements and the performance of their programs according to the metrics of “Statement” and “Portland.” The study also identifies a number of other shared qualities of programs with high-performing labor conditions, and closes with a chora of advice from these jWPAs to future jWPAs contemplating this career path.”

In speaking about why Tim won the award, Committee Chair Nicholas Behm stated, “Tim Dougherty's ‘Between Rock and Hard Place: jWPAs Navigate the Promises of Portland and Wyoming in 2011’ is a fine piece of scholarship that promises to be a significant contribution to the discipline's conversations about the efficacy and identity of jWPAs. Tim's insightful observations regarding the always complex and sometimes untenable positions of jWPAs could be very useful in helping current and future jWPAs make a persuasive case for more power, resources, and security. The CWPA Graduate Award Committee was particularly impressed by Tim's familiarity with disciplinary scholarship, perspicuous writing, and incisive commentary regarding the many difficult challenges jWPAs negotiate daily.”

In learning about Tim’s most recent honor, Writing Program Director and Chair Lois Agnew noted, “This award recognizes the fine features that are evident in all of Tim's scholarly work: a thorough immersion in conversations in the field, careful research, and an engaging and lucid prose style. These qualities, coupled with a remarkable work ethic, have made it a joy to work with Tim from the time he began the CCR program. I'm confident that this is the first of many awards that Tim will receive as he continues his academic career.”