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Carolyn Ostrander

Carolyn Ostrander

    May 2018

    PhD, Syracuse University. M.A., Linguistics, Syracuse University. CAS, Women's and Gender Studies.

    Dissertation: Rural Rhetorics and Ritual Practices: Gender, Labor and Cultural Literacy as Mutual Rhetorical Education in the Early Grange.

    My dissertation research focuses on the rhetorical "extracurriculum" and rural rhetorics using feminist rhetorical historiographic methods. This intellectual project grows out of what may seem like disparate research interests; they are unified by three interests: language, identity, and access. As a former interpreter I work in disability /activist rhetorics; this fuels my CAS studies and commitment to teaching in ESL settings and working with ESL/multilingual students in composition classrooms. As a poet I am interested in access to creative and rhetorical performance as well as to formal education. My background in data administration extends access to the workplace and workplace literacies (specifically data literacies).